The WESTLAKE HOTEL, built in 1925 and dubbed the "pink palace" by locals, was one of the first luxury suburban hotels in the nation. Located at Detroit Ave. & Wooster Road near the mouth of the Rocky River, the hotel typifies the ROCKY RIVER suburb more than any other single landmark.

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The Westlake was not the first building on the site. Since 1816, there has been an inn, tavern, or hotel where the Westlake building is today. The first of these was Wright’s tavern, known far & wide for its unrivaled view of the Lake và as the principal tavern in the area. Wright’s tavern was the site of many township meetings back when Rocky River & LAKEWOOD were part of ROCKPORT TOWNSHIP. When Rufus Wright built the Tavern, there was no bridge over the lower Rocky River; the Tavern could only be accessed from the east by a river ferry or ford. Wright’s Tavern, besides serving as a local meeting place, also filled the role of inn, stagecoach stop, & U.S. Post office. 

In 1853, Jacob Silverthorne purchased Wright’s Tavern, renamed it the Silverthorne Inn (sometimes spelled Silverthorn with no “e”), & moved his family from BRATENHAL khổng lồ Rocky River lớn run it. The Silverthorne soon became known for its delicious chicken dinners. For 66 years, the Silverthorne Inn remained a popular social center until it was torn down to make way for the Westlake Hotel.

Built of brick and stucco, with a steel frame và reinforced concrete, the Westlake khách sạn is one of several residential Hotels built in the Cleveland area in the 1920s. Two smaller examples are the 180-suite ALCAZAR khách sạn and the 125-suites Wade Park Manor. Advertised as “Greater Cleveland’s Pre-eminent Apartment Hotel,” the Westlake khách sạn features Spanish Renaissance architecture. 



In 1925, Rocky River was still countrified. Some referred khổng lồ the thành phố as Cleveland’s “vegetable garden,” but guests at the Westlake were treated with luxury. They could have the valet press & launder their clothes, have their car washed in the adjacent garage, and get a haircut in the barber or beauty salon downstairs. There was a playground in the back, next to lớn the tennis courts. Stables were next door, and patrons were able to lớn use the hotel’s boat dock. In addition, a miniature golf course và terrace tea service provided extra entertainment. The ballroom with its grand stairparkdiamondhotel.vn was the scene of many weddings và cotillions, và guests could dine or play cards in the Marine Dining Room, the Lacquer Room, và the Commodore Room. 

The nearby railroad và INTERURBAN lines provided easy access to lớn downtown Cleveland. There was so much activity that the residential hotel had its own weekly ten or 12-page magazine, “From the Windows of Westlake.” The publication included timetables for the railroads, boat, bus và air lines in addition khổng lồ upcoming events.

In the early days, many aviators made their trang chủ at the Westlake. The 20-foot-high hotel Westlake sign on the roof aided planes flying into CLEVELAND MUNICIPAL AIRPORT (not yet named Hopkins), & the NATIONAL AIR RACES drew thousands to lớn the Hotel. Early guests included Amelia Earhart, James H. Doolittle, Jr., Carl F. Egge, Roy Mitchell, Byron K. Newcome, Edwin H. Bassett, Dean C. Smith, Admiral Richard Bird, Wiley Post, and Charles Lindbergh. The hotel also served as headquarters for chapters of the leading women"s flying clubs - the Ninety-Nines và Betsy Ross Aviators.

On January 25, 1962, a 6:00 a.m. Kitchen grease fire made its way lớn the roof of the hotel and caused $500,000 in damage, including destroying the hotel Westlake sign on the roof. Extensive fire and water damage throughout the building caused 175 guests – 160 permanent - to find quarters elsewhere. Fortunately, no one was injured; the Silverthorne Bar reopened the next day. 



In November 1962, Union Financial Corporation and Westlake Investment Corp. Purchased the hotel for $1 million and converted it into an apartment building. 

In the 1970s, the building slipped into seediness. Even the exterior was a dingy pale gray. One columnist wrote, "It was growing into an old folks home. People lived in tiny rooms for 40 years and longer, and when they died, their bodies were not discovered for weeks." Another referred lớn it as “looking lượt thích a Midwest matron in a thành phố new york singles bar.” 

Rising lượt thích a phoenix from a succession of owners, the disastrous 1962 fire, and various attempts to turn it into public housing, the Westlake was revived in 1983 when Rocky River developer Scott Maurer bought the building. Maurer turned the building into a 98-unit condominium complex including 12 penthouses, spending $13 million lớn renovate it and add an 85-slip marina on the river below. He later built The Villas, a 17-unit condominium complex on the water"s edge. In the Fall of 1983, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, making it possible for buyers to lớn take advantage of Federal tax credits in buying the condominium units.

Today the 115 condominium units of the Westlake Condominium và Villas are one of Cleveland"s most prestigious and historic waterfront buildings. 


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Westlake khách sạn Timeline

1816Rufus Wright, a nhân vật of the Battle of Lake Erie, opens Wright’s Tavern on a bluff overlooking the Rocky River valley. Wright had made a perilous ride through enemy lines "filled with British hirelings and bloodthirsty Indians" khổng lồ deliver Commodore Perry"s famous victory message, "We have met the enemy, & they are ours!"
1834A post office is phối up in Wright’s Tavern và for nearly đôi mươi years, Wright’s sons, Abraham, Phillip và Frederick, are successive postmasters.
1853Jacob Silverthorne, the son of William Silverthorne, one of the earliest Cleveland residents, purchases Wright"s Tavern, renames it the Silverthorne Inn, and moves his family from Bratenhal to Rocky River lớn run it. Silverthorne’s soon gains a reputation for its cuisine.
1856A portion of the Silverthorne Inn is torn down và rebuilt to accommodate more visitors. A stair parkdiamondhotel.vn is erected from the river to lớn the Inn to lớn allow steamer passengers easier access to the Inn & give guests easier access khổng lồ fishing boats and tackle, sail boats and “all other necessaries for aquatic sports.” 
1869Jacob Silverthorne sells his popular rural resort and takes over the Jonathan Bowles’ Tavern in EAST CLEVELAND. In 1884, Silverthorne returns lớn Rocky River and again purchases the property. 
1900The Mortons take over ownership of the Silverthorne.

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1913Jacob A. Silverthorne, 86 years old, dies. Silverthorne was the proprietor of the popular inn for half a century.
1917The Silverthorne Inn is torn down khổng lồ make way for the development of the Beach Cliff Estates và the Westlake Hotel. 
1925The Miramar léman luxury apartments Company opens the seven-story 400 suite Westlake Hotel. 
1931When the Stock Market crashed in the early 1930s, the khách sạn is placed on the auction block for $1.05 million. There are no bidders, & in July 1931, the Westlake goes into receivership.
1930sThe Westlake’s proximity to lớn the river & lake made it easy for bootleggers to lớn supply hotel residents with liquor during PROHIBITION.
1937The Silverthorne Tavern Cocktail Bar is opened in the Hotel. Cleveland newspapers ads promote the Silverthorne as “the only air-conditioned bar on the west side.” 
1953More and more guests arrive by car, so a double-deck parking garage is added.

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1962On January 25, 1962, a kitchen grease fire makes its way to the roof & causes $500,000 in damage, including destroying the khách sạn Westlake sign. No one is injured, but 175 guests need to lớn relocate. The fire leads lớn the kết thúc of the Westlake as a hotel. 
1973The thành phố of Rocky River makes overtures lớn acquire the khách sạn and turn it into a 211-suite senior citizen center. The Nixon Administration halts the flow of Federal funds necessary to complete the project, và the senior center idea falls by the wayside. 
1983Rocky River developer, Scott Maurer, turns the building into a 98-unit condominium complex including 12 penthouses & an 85-slip marina on the river below. The building is placed on the National Register of Historic Places, making it possible for buyers to lớn take advantage of Federal tax credits in buying the condominium units.

The late actor, Yul Brynner stays at the Westlake while performing in a touring production of "The King and I" in Cleveland.

2022The Westlake Condominium và Villas is one of Cleveland"s most prestigious and historic waterfront buildings. 


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