Claiming a spectacular stretch of Vietnam’s coastline within the verdant embrace of Núi Chúa National Park, parkdiamondhotel.vnoi is a remote natural paradise overlooking Vinh Hy Bay. From its clifftop restaurants and pool, to lớn its lakeside Spa & private golden sand beach, the resort offers limitless opportunities for outdoor exploration, cultural immersion and serene time out. 






Opening onto lớn expansive sầu wooden decks, many with swimming pools, Pavilions và Villas offer breathtaking views of the sea or rolling hills.

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At one with their magnificent natural settings, the fully serviced Residences offer up to lớn five bedrooms and vast infinity pools.
Embark on a family adventure or take advantage of time alone while the children throw themselves inlớn crafts, games or cultural pursuits.
Designed exclusively for guests seeking a holistic wellbeing experience immersed in nature, the two Wellness Pool Villas feature integrated spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp & wellbeing facilities.
Dining at parkdiamondhotel.vnoi celebrates the fragrant flavours of Vietnamese cuisine, making the most of seasonal market produce và the daily catch.

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For those seeking to lớn rejuvenate the body toàn thân, refresh the mind and promote a long and healthy life, the Detox và Cleansing Immersion is designed lớn gently stimulate the body's natural cleansing & regenerative sầu processes.
Perched on the coast of Vietnam giới, parkdiamondhotel.vnoi offers guests staying three nights a complimentary fourth night, daily breakfast & more.

parkdiamondhotel.vnoi is a 60 minute drive from Cam Ranh Airport. By air, Cam Ranh is 60 minutes from Ho Chi Minc City, 105 minutes from Hanoi, or 85 minutes from Danang.

Our multilingual reservations team is always available to lớn help with travel planning, from booking a single night khổng lồ multi-resort itineraries.

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