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Ngoc Suong Yen Bay has a gorgeous secluded setting on Cam Ranh bay but this resort completely flies under the radar, with no information available in English online. Ngoc Suong is a well-known nationwide restaurant & the company owns this 10-year old property. This explains the confusion of why all the locals kept trying to direct us to lớn the restaurant.

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The mainland almost fully encircles Cam ranh con Bay like a C & the resort is located on the southern tip, where the two points stretch to lớn almost touch. The cove-like beach is small & sheltered so that the water is flat & calm. Palms dreamily line the sand while natural boulders throughout the property add drama. They’ve been incorporated into the landscape và the resort, with some boulders integrated into the actual buildings. A jetty leading out on the water has tables and chairs for lovely dining on the water.


In ocean dining.

The windmill perched on a boulder is an unnecessary decorative feature và mars an otherwise pretty landscape, but keep in mind that Ngoc Suong Yen cất cánh caters khổng lồ Vietnamese tourists. At least the windmill is made of stone & there are no bright concrete animal statues — which seems lớn be a common decoration in Nha Trang. Everything else has been left quite natural, tropical và wild.


View of the resort from the bungalows. Windmill included.

The well-spoken receptionist acknowledged they had plans to target foreign tourists but they were working on improving service and adding amenities as the resort was not yet up lớn Western standards. She also recommended not staying more than one or two days during rainy season (October lớn January) as it could be very boring during downpours.


Calm waters = happy stay.

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Wooden boardwalks lead to lớn solid bungalows built on vị trí cao nhất of the water. The raised thatch roof allows for the sea breeze lớn come in & cool everything down as there is no air-con except in one villa. While the rooms wouldn’t win any style awards, the interiors are fairly tasteful with wood furniture, neutral colours & natural materials, plus each comes with a small plunge pool with an ocean view. Bathrooms are enormous marble, tile & stone affairs, & in one bungalow we saw, there was an outdoor bathroom, the stone hillside forming part of the wall.


Rock solid.

If you’re travelling on motorbike and budget is not an issue, this would be a fantastic place lớn base yourself for exploration of the wild, empty beaches south along the coast. It is pricey and you won’t get a Western cấp độ of service, fine dining or a lively atmosphere. But chances are you will have it almost to lớn yourself as the property only has nine rooms. Another option is to come here for the day, with admission to lớn resort & beach only 50,000 VND per person.

To get here by road, travel south on National Route 1 from Cam rỡ ràng City và turn off left at 11.814655, 109.108326 (this is the same road you take to get khổng lồ Bien Tien beach). After a kilometre, at the T-junction go left & continue for another 4.3 km. There will be a hill and a sign for the resort pointing lớn a steep side road to lớn the left. Follow that road and the signs. From Highway 1 it is 13 km total to lớn reach the resort.

Contact details for Ngoc Suong Yen cất cánh Resortgmail.comCoordinates (for GPS): 109º10"40.19" E, 11º51"53.87" NSee position in táo apple or Google Maps: táo khuyết Maps | Google MapsRoom rates: US$50 khổng lồ 100

Bungalow fan private bathroomWith bathtub 2,000,000.2,000,000 dong2,000,000 dong
Private pool villaFor four people, fan-cooled. Air-con: 3,600,000.3,200,000 dong3,200,000 dong

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