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American Jerry Mulligan, a former G.I. & fledgling painter who stayed in Paris after World War II, loves his life as a struggling artist on the Left Bank. He is friendly with his neighbors, especially the local children & cynical American Adam Cook, a concert pianist living on a succession of fellowships. One day, when Jerry is particularly low on money, he goes lớn Montmarte và sets up an impromptu exhibit of some of his work, hoping to sell something to lớn a tourist. He has little success until Milo Roberts, an American heiress living in Paris, admires his paintings & buys two. Because she does not have enough cash with her, she invites Jerry khổng lồ her hotel khổng lồ get the money. Jerry shows little enthusiasm for her chauffeur-driven oto and expensive khách sạn room but accepts an invitation lớn a buổi tiệc ngọt she is giving that night. When he returns, the provocatively dressed Milo reveals that the tiệc nhỏ is only for herself & Jerry. Thinking that she wants a gigolo, Jerry is insulted và wants lớn return the money for his paintings, but she convinces hyên ổn that she is a patron of the arts and only wants khổng lồ help hyên ổn. With his pride intact, Jerry agrees to lớn take her to dinner, but only if they go to lớn a café he can afford. She suggests a jazz club in Montmarte, where they talk about their lives and his paintings. While Milo dances with Tommy Baldwin, a friover she runs into at the club, Jerry, who is attracted to a pretty girl he has spotted at the next table, overhears her name, Lise Bourvier, và calls khổng lồ her, pretending lớn know her. After whisking the annoyed Lise onlớn the dance floor, Jerry gets her phone number from one of her companions. Observing this, Milo is hurt và lashes out at Jerry while they drive sầu baông chồng to lớn her khách sạn. He responds by getting out of her oto và determining he wants nothing khổng lồ vị with her. The next morning, Jerry telephones Lise at the perfumery where she works & asks her out. She brusquely turns hyên ổn down và tells him not khổng lồ Hotline again. A few moments later, Milo shows up at the Flodair, Jerry"s neighborhood café, và apologizes for her outburst the previous night. Again insisting that she is only interested in promoting his work, she invites hyên ổn to lunch to meet a well-known art dealer she knows. Jerry agrees khổng lồ meet her later, then goes to lớn the perfumery khổng lồ see Lise. When he charms a middle-aged American customer inkhổng lồ selecting a perfume, Lise is amused và agrees khổng lồ meet Jerry at 9:00 o"clock that night at a café near the Seine. Unknown khổng lồ Jerry, Lise is loved by popular music hall entertainer Henri Baurel, a close friend of Adam & the man who became her guardian when her parents were killed during the war.

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Henri is debuting a new number that night and wants Lise lớn be in the audience. Although Lise is torn, she meets Jerry that evening, và as they walk along the Seine, the couple begins lớn fall in love. When Lise suddenly realizes that it is 11:00, she rushes off after agreeing to meet Jerry again on Saturday. At the theater, Henri does not realize that Lise missed the number and introduces her khổng lồ American impresario John MacDowd, who wants Henri lớn tour America. Assuming that Lise loves hyên as much as he loves her, Henri suggests that they get married và go together to lớn America. The next day, when Milo calls for Jerry, he dismisses Adam"s suggestion that he is becoming a kept man. Later, when Milo takes Jerry to a studio she has rented for hyên ổn và informs him that she has arranged for an exhibition, he is angry but agrees khổng lồ work hard if she promises lớn let hyên pay her bachồng for everything. For the next few weeks, Jerry paints constantly, highlighting the people and sights of Paris, often using Lise as his Model. One day, while Lise & Jerry are riding in a taxi, they talk about how little they know about each other"s lives và realize that they have both been evasive. Later, at the Flodair, Jerry tells Adam about Lise, và when he mentions her name, Adam chokes on his coffee, knowing that she is the young woman whom Henri loves. When Henri arrives, he & Jerry talk about being in love sầu while Adam nervously tries khổng lồ change the subject & hopes the men will not mention the names of their respective loves. Henri convinces Jerry that he must tell his girl friend how much he loves her, so when Jerry later meets Lise, he reveals his feelings. Although she feels the same, Lise confesses that she is marrying Henri because he loves her và she owes hyên her life. Hurt, Jerry then says that he has been seeing a woman he does not want to thua trận. After they part, Jerry rushes to Milo"s apartment, passionately kisses her for the first time and asks her to lớn the art student"s costume ball that night. At the raucous ball, Jerry dances with Milo, pretending that he is happy, but after they run into Henri and Lise, Jerry admits to lớn Milo that he is in love sầu with Lise. Milo then leaves, after which Jerry walks out onto the balcony, where he is joined by Lise. She says that she & Henri are marrying the next day, but before returning to the các buổi tiệc nhỏ admits that it is painful to be near Jerry & not hold hyên ổn close. Unknown to lớn Lise và Jerry, Henri has been smoking a cigarette near by & has overheard everything. Without saying a word to lớn Lise, he drives her from the tiệc ngọt while a despondent Jerry fantasizes about Lise và imagines himself dancing with her throughout Paris. A short time later, he is startled khổng lồ hear the horn of a car và looks down to see Lise being brought baông xã in Henri"s car. While Jerry runs down the Montmarte steps, Lise rushes up to lớn meet hlặng. The lovers embrace và walk down the steps hand-in-h&.