Warmest Greetings from Muong Thanh Holiday quang Binh hotel. Thank you very much for spending your time writing us a review. We really appreciate your đánh giá and try our best everyday to lớn improve our service quality. Wish you all the best and hope khổng lồ see you again at Muong Thanh Holiday quang quẻ Binh hotel.

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It was comfortable to stay, and the staff was friendly. The location is good & the room is quite clean. We book 3 rooms for 6 people, but these 3 rooms are not next or opposite to each other. & the breakfast doesn't have varied choices. One more thing is the pool, not a lot of people came here to lớn swim so I think it's not cleaned up regularly. Overall, if you just need a room for sleeping at night, it's a good choice.

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It's ok. But not worth for a 4 star hotel. Except the room and the comfortable, plus the view và location, I cannot find anything more that make this hotel 4 star. The breakfast is so poor for the 4 star, very few choice. The a la carte menu also not good. For the service, spa làm đẹp is too much poor lớn see. I am quite angry that they did not check the air con in the room before giving to the visitor. Right on the night when we came to the room, the air nhỏ was break & we must stay up very late khổng lồ wait for them while we were so tired after long waiting in airport. Next day, after I told them, they fix it & the air nhỏ now normal. It take 3 hours lớn fix, then why bởi they not give us other rooms last night or kiểm tra it before the guest come. After all, the khách sạn did not have many guest at this season. Another things is they did not refill the compliment amenities. After back to hotel on 2nd evening, I found that they did not refill the tea and put extra towel, as we bring 2 towels together.