An Bang Beach is a beautiful 4km stretch of svà north of its neighbouring beach, Cua Dai. Since the recent erosion at Cua Dai Beach, resulting in the loss of s& and a few businesses, more locals và tourists now flock to lớn An Bang Beach. This hippie-vibe beach village attracts more và more people each year, with its laid-bachồng restaurants, late-night bars, water sport activities and live sầu music. An Bang Beach also caught a lot of truyền thông attention in 2016 featuring in CNN’s danh mục of Top 100 Best Beaches in the World.

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Hidden’s article on An Bang Beach gives you the best insider guide to lớn this part of Hoi An. We’ve sầu found some great options for your beach lunch & ice cold beer, along with places to buổi tiệc ngọt inlớn the wee small hours. There are plenty of accommodation options here, too—though not large hotels. Instead, rather small villas. Life here is more laid bachồng & more importantly, you mô tả it with the Vietnamese.


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What’s at An Bang Beach?

The beach has rapidly grown from a sleepy beach side village, now thriving and becoming its own destination. An Bang Beach became popular so quickly, that the area is not very built up at all, adding to its beach village feel. The bars và restaurants are all quite small, but they definitely vì not fault when it comes khổng lồ delicious food, refreshing drinks and entertainment. There are substantial amounts of money being put inkhổng lồ An Bang, attracting even more holiday makers khổng lồ the area.

An Bang Beach is well mix up for tourists. There are a few ATMs, pharmacies, convenience stores, clothing and swimming accessory shops. Coupled with lots of bars, restaurants, hotels, villas, homestays, spas, mát xa salons, and even cooking classes.

A little bit of beach life at An Bang Beach in Hoi An. Photo: Agnuush

When’s the Best Time khổng lồ Visit An Bang Beach?

Hoi An weather can have extremes—it can get ridiculously hot, extremely humid and very wet. In fact, we’ve sầu dedicated a whole article to Hoi An’s weather here.

We think the best time lớn visit the beach is early in the morning when the sun is not too high or late afternoon/evening while the sun is setting. Depending of course on what you want to go khổng lồ the beach for. In the morning it is much quieter, there are less tourists và it’s a place lớn unwind. Visit the beach in the morning & join a yoga class, watch the sunrise, go for a run or just start your day right.

Around 4pm everyone flocks khổng lồ An Bang after school và work. Visiting the beach during this time for people watching. Lay in a hammoông xã, swyên ổn with the Vietnamese và eat delicious food.

Continue inkhổng lồ the night listening to live music, play foosball, drink cocktails and (if you’re lucky) watch the locals sing karaoke on the svà.

Bathers playing in the surf on An Bang Beach. Photo: Agnuush

Directions khổng lồ An Bang Beach from Hoi An

Most beach-goers come from the centre of Hoi An, so firstly kiểm tra if your hotel provides a shuttle bus. If not, the faskiểm tra và most convenient way to lớn get here is by taxi or a Grab. A xe taxi ride takes no longer than 10 minutes & costs around 80,000 VND (4 USD).

Another option is going by bicycle or motorbike. If your accommodation doesn’t provide bicycles, read our article here on how khổng lồ rent one. A motorbike ride takes around 10 minutes going straight down Hai Ba Trung Street. Or take a 25-minute scenic bicycle trip from the Old Town to lớn the beach.

Parking at An Bang Beach

There is a lot of competition for where khổng lồ park your bike as you approach An Bang Beach. We advise that you avoid any confusion và leave sầu your xe đạp at the “official” parking lot for 10,000 VND (0.50c USD). This has a large metal roof và is located just before the beach on the right h& side.

Another option is to lớn turn left, before the parking lot at the entrance to the beach, & park your bike for miễn phí at one of the restaurants or beach clubs, then order something from there.

Bicycles parked in the shade at the beach in Hoi An. Photo: Agnuush

Activities at An Bang Beach During the Day

Water Activities

Enjoy your cold drink, have sầu fun with friends, swyên lượt thích a fish or fly like a bird. Fly? Yes, activities here include parasailing, jet skiing, & even st& up paddleboarding (SUP). Parasailing costs you 600,000 VND (26 USD) per person & 800,000 VND (35 USD) for two.

To book your parasailing or jet ski adventure in advance, kiểm tra Sea Rainbow Hoi An’s trang web. Give sầu paddle boarding a go with Drifter Paddle Co.. They offer hourly paddleboard rentals and an An Bang Beach sunrise tour for early risers.

Hoi An is not the best place for surfing, that’s a fact. But lower waves are great for learning, especially for kids. At La Plage, a beachside bar/restaurant frequented by many expat families, you can borrow a surfboard for your kid, so they can try their hand at surfing.

Safety First – Little Nippers

If you have kids under 14-years-old, try out a session with the Little Nippers. It’s a fun beach awareness class held every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. This class is run by both Vietnamese locals & expats. Your child learns about sea life around An Bang Beach và is taught about safety in the sea through activities, such as beach sprints, swimming, board races, and relays. Classes are provided by Surf Life Saving Vietphái mạnh, just in front of the popular Salt Pub. For more information, kiểm tra their Facebook page.

The Cmê say Islands can be seen behind families enjoying the calm sea at An Bang Beach. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Diving and Snorkelling

This area is not well known for scutía diving or snorkelling, but coral life is not that far away. From An Bang Beach, you can actually see the Cmê man Islands where you can dive or snorkel & explore the sea further. Cheông xã out our Cham mê Islvà article here for all the details.

Yoga and Meditation at An Bang Beach

If practising yoga or meditation along this long stretch of beach interests you, be sure lớn take a look at Nomad Yoga Hoi An. They run regular classes in both meditation and yoga here on An Bang Beach. You can read all about Nomad Yoga in our article here.

Spas at An Bang Beach

Indulge yourself with a revitalising mas sa, pedicure or facial treatment. An Bang Beach has many spas on offer, most of which you can find right in the seaside village of An Bang.

One is located directly on the beach—Aira Hoi An Spa. Located inside the Aira Boutique Hotel with an astonishing view, this high kết thúc spa làm đẹp has fantastic amenities, & their signature Himalayan Salt Stone Treatment comes highly recommended.

Ocean Spa Hoi An is a mid-range spa, right in the centre of the hustle & bustle, so it is impossible to lớn miss & very conveniently cđại bại to everything. However, when you walk inside you feel as calm as anything. This spa offers every treatment imaginable, from aloe vera heat reducing treatments lớn hair removal.

And if that’s not enough, Heaven Garden Spage authority is slightly more budget-friendly than the others, albeit slightly further away from the crowds, giving you a more relaxing feel before your mát xa even begins. This peaceful spa also offers a 50-minute green tea wrap as well as a four-hvà massage.

As you explore Hoi An be sure khổng lồ check out Hidden’s Reviews of the best spas in town here.

Three Vietnamese ladies cốt truyện a joke while relaxing on the sun loungers. Photo: Agnuush

An Bang Beach at Night

An Bang Beach’s nightlife is undoubtedly not a Cat Ba experience, but you can still have sầu a great night out here.

Soul Kitchen

Facing the ocean, on the northern over of the beach, the long-standing Soul Kitchen beach bar & restaurant are famous for its live sầu music, diverse food (albeit more pricier than their Viet counterparts) và great cocktails. Sit bachồng on one of the big cushioned seats & listen lớn some great live sầu music while watching the waves crash on the Trắng s& from sunset, right up until 11pm. If you’ve got too much energy khổng lồ sit baông xã, there is plenty of space near the bar for nhảy.

Soul Beach

At the southern kết thúc of the beach, Soul Beach is a very chilled out live sầu music venue offering a diverse array of music in a laid bachồng environment, complete with hammocks và bean bags và an enviable Western and Vietnamese menu. If you get tired of lying in a hammoông xã watching the waves, why not grab your friends & play some foosball by the bar. Although, this tropical paradise of a bar will probably just make you want to sip your cocktail, lay baông xã, bob to lớn the music và be thankful for a wonderful evening.

Swing Cool Kidz

Been practising your dance moves around the bar & but you don’t think they’re quite up to lớn standard? Head down to lớn Swing Cool Kidz at Salternative text Pub, Swing Cool Kidz have sầu started a weekly swing dance social and beginners swing nhảy lesson, 8.p.m – 10.p.m every Friday.

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The Starfish Kitchen And Bar

Famous for its barbecues & fish & chips, The Starfish Kitchen also offers some of the cheapest beer in An Bang, costing as little as 25,000 VND (1.08 USD). If you’re not feeling lượt thích beer, grab yourself a glass of spirit or even a milkshake before playing a game of pool.

Kukun Hoi An

Kukun is the last bar in An Bang lớn cthua trận at 12pm. But go on a Friday night & you can dance until 4am! With themed nights, fire breathing & talented DJ’s, you can tiệc ngọt until your feet fall off.

Looking for more of a club scene, then kiểm tra out The Deông xã House. They have a great space with occasional DJ parties và a solid beach vibe.

A beachside cocktail at Kukun, An Bang Beach

Where khổng lồ Eat at An Bang Beach?

Beach restaurants continue to pop up everywhere. Just last year, the An Bang Beach restaurant scene gained 10 new restaurants. Here, we highlight some of the best food options at An Bang Beach.

Budget Food Options

Cheap snacks all around! Just look for local vendors & pop up “stalls” directly on the beach. There’s fried potato lớn, doughnuts &, most importantly, decent Vietnamese food. Directly on the beach, are hen xuc (baby clams with spring onions and chillies served with rice crackers and chilli jam) for only đôi mươi,000 VND (.85 USD).

Behind the beach is a local market, where delicious, cheap breakfasts are on offer. Just make sure you arrive sầu before it closes at 9 am. Here mi quang (shrimp, pork, quails egg, and flat rice noodles) costs you only 25,000 VND (1 USD). Also, the legendary banh mi (a Vietnamese sandwich, differing from one region to another) is on offer. At the market entrance, are great banh beo (rice cake, dried shrimps, crispy pork skin, scallion oil, and dipping sauce). If you are keen on a different version of pho, where northern spices are swapped with green mango, chilli and cilantro, head to lớn the left of the An Bang market. To read more about Vietnamese street food kiểm tra out our in-depth article here.

A street stall selling snacks lớn hungry beachgoers in Hoi An. Photo: Wnfdiary

Most of the budget restaurants are on the left side of the beach. Each has its thực đơn displayed outside so you can kiểm tra out prices và what’s on offer. Something as simple as fried rice with your choice of meat costs around 60,000 VND (2.6 USD). A free beach chair is provided with the meal, making the price a bargain. Wash this down with a cold Asian beer, costing anywhere from 20,000 to lớn 35,000 VND (1 khổng lồ 2 USD).


For the more discerning guest, An Bang Beach has some great options. At The H’mong Sisters, try Vietnamese seafood with a Mediterranean twist. Here, they serve interesting variations of seafood và also one of the best tomahawk steaks intended lớn be shared between two or three people. To top it off, they serve wines from all around the world—a good opportunity to pair wine with your food.

For more of an international cuisine, try Shore Club, for traditional international classics like: hamburgers và french fries, as well as fresh oysters và sushi boats. They offer contemporary Vietnamese food here, too. Order a cocktail pre or post dinner & enjoy it in front of their swimming pool.

A recent addition to lớn the scene is the Dechồng House. It offers stunning oceanfront dining with an extensive sầu menu of local cuisine, fresh seafood, and burgers. Their cocktail và wine danh sách are impressive, and craft beers vì the same for beer lovers. The deông chồng setting is pleasant, especially if you secure a private cabana with a sea view.


Don’t forget about your sweet tooth. Che (sweet blaông xã bean dessert soup) is An Bang’s no. 1 sweet treat and available from 3 p.m. The Che stall is located opposite the ad-hoc petrol station on the left-hand side of An Bang Beach.

Another must-try is tofu in a light ginger syrup, known as Tau hu nuoc duong, & sweet bread buns, banh ngươi sua. Keep your eyes out for these, both sweets are for sale from beach vendors along the beachfront.

Beachside dining in private cabanas at The Deông xã House. Photo: Wnfdiary

An Bang Beach Accommodation

Places to lớn stay stretch down the whole on An Bang Beach providing one of the best beach experiences here in Vietnam. You have sầu many options, from a simple homestay to lớn a luxury villa with private swimming pool. We look at the best budget, mid-range, và luxury accommodation options.

Budget Accommodation

Budget accommodation prices here are a bit higher than in the centre of Hoi An. You pay a premium for staying right on the beach. Read our article on the best budget accomodation available in Hoi An for further info.

One of the best beach budget options is Hung Do Beach Homestay. This place is very clean và comfortable with light & airy rooms. Its location is the standout feature, it is quiet and so cthất bại to the beach. Rooms cost around 460,000 VND (trăng tròn USD), including breakfast. The family who runs the homestay doesn’t speak any English, but their kindness solves every question.

Mid-Range Accommodation

With so many options here, it’s hard lớn highlight just one place. There are a bunch of small hotels here, either built in old village fishermen house styles or attractive sầu looking beach huts. If we had to choose a place it would be Sol An Bang Beach Resort with their pleasantly decorated rooms & a swimming pool. Rooms are spacious, Western-styled with mini bar và deposit box. Sol An Bang Beach Resort also offer beach yoga and they feature in our Best Swimming Pools In Hoi An article. A room for one night costs around 1,582,000 VND (69 USD).

A good book và a guidebook to Vietnam—essential beach reading. Photo: Agnuush

Luxury Accommodation

When looking for luxury accommodation at An Bang Beach, don’t go past The Chi Villa. This colonial villa abode is mix in a lush garden with its own private pool, a spacious, fully kitted out kitchen, an open plan living room, & three spacious bedrooms. The villa is filled with light & decorated with stunning Vietnamese art. This accommodation includes a VIP airport butler service and round-the-cloông chồng access to lớn all khách sạn staff, including masseuse, chef, chauffeur, & concierge. A one-day rental will set you bachồng around 10 million VND (430 USD).

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Hidden’s Thoughts

An Bang Beach is a pretty laid baông chồng and unspoiled place. There are no high rises here… yet! We recommkết thúc you come và enjoy it now while it still retains its quaint beauty. Vietnam giới changes so quickly, và the beach holds some prime real estate, so it’s fair lớn say things aren’t going to lớn stay the same forever. Come and enjoy it now, eat, drink, swlặng, stay the night, and soak up all the local charm this wonderful beach has to lớn offer.