5 Cách Di Chuyển Xe Hà Nội Hạ Long Bạn Nên Biết


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, beautiful Halong cất cánh is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist attractions, famous for its thousands of limestone islets of all different shapes & sizes rising up from the bay’s emerald waters.

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Without a doubt, Halong cất cánh should be on every traveler’s bucket menu who enjoys gorgeous natural seascapes. Navigating a Halong cất cánh trip usually involves two steps: Firstly, deciding how lớn travel from Hanoi lớn Halong Bay, and secondly, choosing from between hundreds of boats that ply the waters of Halong bay on day, overnight and multi-day cruises.

This article aims to lớn provide information on all the different means of transportation from Hanoi khổng lồ Halong Bay.


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1 Seaplane from Hanoi to lớn Halong Bay: Fast, convenient, with bonus bird’s eye views2 Helicopter: Time-saving trip3 Local bus: Ideal for eager backpackers4 Shuttle Bus: Convenient and straightforward

Seaplane from Hanoi lớn Halong Bay: Fast, convenient, with bonus bird’s eye views

There was a time when air transport was something only the rich could afford. Now, that option is accessible lớn practically everyone.

While there are no large commercial flights between Hanoi and Halong, there is the option of scheduled & charter seaplane flights.

Seaplane: Stunning close-up views

Hanoi lớn Halong Bay

Why fly from Hanoi to Halong?

The first seaplane service in Vietnam was introduced by hai Au Aviation in năm trước with three Cessna Grand Caravan 208B – EX amphibian airplanes.

The company’s aim is lớn offer local and international passengers the most incredible views of some of Vietnam’s most stunning heritage sights.

Professional tourism provider

Hai Au Aviation provides scheduled và chartered flights just lượt thích any other commercial airline. There is a dedicated nhì Au Aviation seaplane check-in counter at Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport.

In Halong – the current main destination of hai Au Aviation – there is also a conveniently located check-in counter, waiting lounge & departure lounge in the Tuan Chau Marina, gateway to lớn Halong Bay.


It should also be noted that the company has strict safety rules and meets all requirements issued by the civil aviation authority. Hai Au Aviation should be considered as one of the most credible service providers in Vietnam’s tourism sector.

With some other forms of transportation in Vietnam, the language barrier may be a challenge lớn contend with. Not so with hai Au Aviation, as the company’s representatives speak fluent English, including staff & ground service crew.

A dedicated and well-trained crew are always on hand lớn assist with any travel issues. In the air, experienced foreign captains và Vietnamese co-pilots are tasked with ensuring your safety and giving passengers the best chance of experiencing magnificent views.


Once-in-a-lifetime experience

While hai Au’s impeccable service record and top-tier customer service are commendable, most passengers choose to travel from Hanoi khổng lồ Halong bay by seaplane as well as take a scenic flight over Halong bay for the incredible flying experience.


Thanks lớn their small size and ease of maneuverability, nhì Au Aviation’s parkdiamondhotel.vn are able to lớn fly close khổng lồ Halong Bay’s gorgeous limestone islands for incredible, sweeping views which are completely different from the views enjoyed aboard a cruise at sea level.

All digital devices, including thiết bị di động phones, are allowed on board, so you are không lấy phí to capture the breath-taking views you’re sure to lớn enjoy.

In addition, complimentary Wi-Fi is available in addition khổng lồ 4G mạng internet that you may already have access to lớn on your device to lớn enable you to share and upload your photos and videos in real-time.

Another feature that seaplane travelers find thrilling is the water landings & take offs. Hai Au Aviation parkdiamondhotel.vn are equipped with two floats, making them amphibious, and the feeling of picking up speed lớn take off from the water’s surface, or gently gliding down onto the water is truly unforgettable.

Another benefit of traveling by seaplane is that it cuts down significantly on travel time. The flight time between Hanoi and Halong cất cánh is just 45 minutes, excellent for those looking to lớn maximize their time to see the sights rather than spent traveling, and also makes visiting Halong on a day trip possible without being exhausting.

What kinds of tours are available?

Scheduled flights from Hanoi lớn Halong Bay

Scheduled flights depart from Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport và arrive at Tuan Chau Marina, also the starting point for most Halong cất cánh cruises. Nhị Au Aviation’s parkdiamondhotel.vn have a capacity of 12 passengers who are each allowed 7kg of luggage.

The journey lasts 45 minutes with the option to enjoy an additional 15 minutes of a scenic flight over Halong Bay for a beautiful overview of the islands.

The price for a one-way ticket varies from US$ 175-385 depending on the season và the time of day. These rates are still more affordable than a helicopter ride. Guests can save money with a roundtrip ticket which starts at just US$ 350.

Scenic flight
s in Halong Bay

Even if not flying to lớn Halong cất cánh from Hanoi, travelers can still take advantage of the scenic flight only for incredible views và a completely different perspective on the islands.

The scenic flight over Halong bay lasts 25 minutes At just from US$ 99 per person, this option is ideal for those looking for truly unique travel experiences while staying on a budget.

From comments received by passengers, the scenic flight is very much value-for-money as it checks off a bucket menu experience for most.

Charter flights from Hanoi to Halong Bay

With charter flights, you can go anywhere, whenever and with whomever you want. However, be prepared for the cost of this premium service which can go into the thousands of US dollars.

However, for those where money is no object, it truly is the pinnacle of convenience in travel.

How lớn book a flight from Hanoi to Halong Bay?

There are several ways to book a seaplane flight. You can điện thoại tư vấn the nhị Au Aviation hotline directly at (+84) 962 069 689 for more information or you can book your ticket through tourism agencies

It’s also possible to lớn book through the website or facebook page of nhì Au Aviation. The process is quick and simple, and there are clear-cut và reasonable delay & cancellation policies.


Helicopter: Time-saving trip


Why should you travel by helicopter?

The helicopter used lớn travel between Hanoi & Halong cất cánh is the EC 155 B1 manufactured by Airbus Helicopter. While still a very exclusive option, helicopter flights are becoming more popular.

The flight between Hanoi và Halong cất cánh by helicopter takes about 45 minutes, allowing travelers khổng lồ save time compared to lớn road travel. Over Halong Bay, scenic helicopter flights usually last about 8 minutes, offering spectacular views from a height of 120-500 meters.

It is also possible to lớn combine a scenic helicopter ride with a road transfer or to purchase a helicopter flight separately from a tour agency.

Join-in helicopter flights can also be purchased as part of a packaged tour, thereby avoiding the prohibitively high costs of hiring a helicopter for a private flight.

Where do helicopter flights from Hanoi depart from?

Your helicopter flight will usually depart at around 9 a.m. from Gia Lam Airport which is a small airfield owned by the military. The helicopter has 12 seats and can carry a maximum load of 4,800 kg.

This means each flight is limited to just a small group of people. The price for the trip from Hanoi to Halong is US$ 440/person, Halong lớn Hanoi is US$ 390/person and the round-trip option is US$770/person.

What are the disadvantages of a helicopter flight?

While the experience of flying on a helicopter is amazing to lớn some people, it can be quite terrifying to others.

Some people are uncomfortable with the small confines of the helicopter while others are frightened by the movements of the aircraft which can be felt much more vividly than with a larger aircraft.Helicopter rides are not recommended for people with a heart condition or for people with a fear of heights.

The prohibitive cost of a helicopter flight is also a deterrent for many, as are the inherent dangers of flying in a helicopter as opposed khổng lồ an airplane.

While the helicopter can accommodate up khổng lồ 12 passengers, there’s usually also a minimum number of passengers required. This number is typically 6 passengers.

So even for those willing to lớn pay the higher cost of a helicopter flight, there’s always a chance of disappointment if the minimum number of passengers is not met.

Helicopter or Seaplane: Pros và cons


PriceOne-way flight: US$ 390-440/personRound trip: US$ 770/personScenic flight: US$ 99/personOne way: US$ 175-385/personRound trip: From US$ 350
Number of seat1212
Length of flight45 minutes (includes 8 minutes for sightseeing)60 minutes (includes 15 minutes for sightseeing)
Pros+ Nice view+ Short journey+ Short journey+ Gorgeous view+ Professional staff và international pilots+ Cool landing & taking off+ Safe
ConsHigh price (from US$ 390)Need at least 6 peopleHigh price (From US$ 175)Need at least 3 people


Hanoi to lớn Halong Bay: Popular & inexpensive land transport

Halong cất cánh is located in the northeast of Vietnam, right in the heart of the Gulf of Tonkin. It belongs to lớn Quang Ninh Province. Halong bay is conveniently located about 180 km away from the capital of Hanoi, making it an excellent add-on lớn a Northern Vietnam itinerary.

With its charming beauty, Halong cất cánh has long been a popular tourist attraction for local Vietnamese. After being inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Halong bay became globally well-known & an international tourism hot spot.

Consequently, tourism development is considered a priority for provincial authorities. To accommodate the increasing number of tourists traveling from Hanoi to lớn Halong Bay, roads have been upgraded in recent years, making the journey by land transport much shorter and more comfortable.

This, coupled with the comparatively low cost, makes land transport a popular choice. However, there are several different options when it comes khổng lồ land transportation between Hanoi và Halong Bay, each with its own pros & cons.

Local bus: Ideal for eager backpackers

What are the advantages of the local bus?

Local coach (or bus) travel remains one of the most popular and convenient means of transport around the world. Its relatively cheap price makes it an even more attractive option.

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Traveling by local coach or bus typically involves less hassle than driving yourself & is a good way khổng lồ get a closer look at how local Vietnamese people travel. You can also enjoy landscape views along the way.


Local coach is one of the most popular và convenient means of travel (source: Shutterstock)

Between Hanoi & Halong Bay, the most common coach / bus route is Hanoi – nhị Duong – nhị Phong – Bai Chay (Halong). Thanks lớn the of the 4 to 5 hours as previous.

The price for a one-way ticket can vary from US$ depending on coach’s quality and size. For coaches travelling via the new expressway, the ticket price can be higher as the toll fee is also higher.

Another good thing about the local coach is that there is no weekend surcharge. The earliest coach departs at 6 a.m & the latest is at 8 p.m.

Between all the different providers, there is usually a coach leaving every 1-2 hours. The first coach coming back khổng lồ Hanoi leaves at about 12 p.m. Và the last one is at about 9:30 pm.

How lớn book a local bus ticket from Hanoi lớn Halong Bay?

The process of buying a ticket from Hanoi khổng lồ Halong cất cánh is not overly complicated. Go to lớn the website vexere.com, enter your departure & arrival city và your desired day of departure and you will find a fully detailed schedule of the day from all providers.

Don’t let the wide range of choices overwhelm you. Take time lớn research the unique of the coach as well as the coach provider’s credibility and reputation.

A useful tip is reading the reviews of previous travelers & looking at the satisfaction ratings for each provider. Look for providers with active licenses in local coach stations. Once you find a suitable coach, you can call them to make a reservation.

You can also book through the website. Alternatively, you can buy your ticket directly at their offices or at local coach stations. Booking in advance, especially during holiday or other peak travel periods, will ensure a smooth, hassle-free journey.

Some Bus Providers


Nuoc Ngam Station – one of the 4 biggest local coach stations in Hanoi (Source: NDH.vn)

Local Bus Stations

NamePhone numberAddress
My Dinh Station(024) 376 855 4920 Pham Hung Str, My Dinh Ward, phái nam Tu Niem Dist, Hanoi
Nuoc Ngam Station(024) 386 121 58Km8, Giai Phong Str, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai Dist, Hanoi
Giap Bat Station(024) 386 414 67Km6, Giai Phong Str, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai Dist, Hanoi
Yen Nghia Station(024) 335 712 85Highway 6, Yen Nghia Ward, Ha Dong Dist, Hanoi
Gia Lam Station(02) 438 271 529No.9, Ngo Gia Kham Str, Long Bien Dist, Hanoi

Passengers are buying coach tickets at Gia Lam Station (Source: Shutterstock.com)

Disadvantages of local bus travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay

In spite of all the advantages mentioned above, local coach service may not be completely ideal for travel from Hanoi to lớn Halong Bay. The coach mainly serves local people. So it will be likely that the salespeople & the drivers will not be able to lớn speak English.

The language barrier may lead to difficulties in communication, especially if you experience a travel issue, such as a delay or a missed stop. Also, local buses leave from bus stations, and not from Hanoi’s Old Quarter, making it a less convenient option.

The added complexity of taking a local coach makes it a less favorable choice if you’re planning on visiting Halong cất cánh on a day trip.

Early departure times from Hanoi as well as Halong bay means your trip may be rushed. Even if you’re willing to wait for the last coach, it can lead khổng lồ a very tiring day.

Another issue is the possibility of last-minute cancellation of the local bus, as is known to lớn happen. On holiday, just thinking of that possibility is enough lớn strip away any enjoyment from the day.


Information of local bus travel from Hanoi to lớn Halong bay (Source: Shutterstock.com)

Shuttle Bus: Convenient and straightforward


What’s good about the shuttle bus?

The shuttle bus, also known as the tourist bus, provides a comfortable & convenient means of travel for its main customers, foreign tourists.

Shuttle buses are usually smaller và of higher chất lượng than local public buses, including Ford Transits và Limousine Buses which have from 9 lớn 16 seats.

Additionally, the shuttle bus doesn’t stop along the way khổng lồ pick up more passengers, but travels straight khổng lồ Halong Bay, with a short break of about 15 – 30 minutes halfway through the journey for passengers to use the restroom. Therefore, shuttle buses take less time to travel from Hanoi to Halong cất cánh than going by local bus, about 2-2

Shuttle buses also tend to have more services and amenities compared khổng lồ local buses, including Wi-Fi and bottled water. More importantly, there likely won’t be a severe language barrier. The drivers normally have enough English to communicate with you to answer basic questions và to resolve basic travel problems.

However, the cost for this improved service will definitely be higher than the local bus. The cost is typically about US$ 10-20 for a one-way ticket/person. The departure time is usually at 7:30 a.m or 8:30 a.m or earlier depending on the provider’s schedule.

High-quality interior of a limousine mini bus lớn Halong cất cánh (Source: thuexelimousines.com)

Information of shuttle bus khổng lồ travel from Hanoi to lớn Halong Bay

Where to catch the shuttle bus from Hanoi to lớn Halong Bay?

As mentioned above, shuttle buses mainly serve foreign customers. Therefore, instead of departing from local bus stations, shuttle buses will usually pick up passengers from the Old Quarter – the center for foreigners in Hanoi.

However, some shuttle buses can also be found at local coach stations. Some other buses offer hotel pick-up service. Please chú ý that pick-up time is usually 30-60 minutes prior to lớn scheduled departure time.

Similar to the coach, you can find tương tác information for shuttle bus providers on vexere.com or travelertick.com and book through the website or call them khổng lồ book. A more convenient way for passengers staying in the Old Quarter is going straight khổng lồ the tourist bus agencies.

Normally, agencies offering tourist bus services also provide various tours in Halong Bay. Unless you want khổng lồ book directly with a cruise company, these agencies are a convenient way to package your land travel together with a cruise.

Shuttle Bus Information

What are the drawbacks of taking the shuttle bus?

If you’re on a short trip or a day trip, you may want to lớn weigh your options. Although compared khổng lồ the local coach, the journey by shuttle bus is shorter and has much better services, it still takes up quite a bit of time & there’s no guarantee that the ride won’t encounter any issues along the way.

In addition, the shuttle bus usually departs at around 8 a.m which may not be early enough for you khổng lồ maximize your time in Halong Bay.

From Hanoi to lớn Halong Bay: How to choose suitable transportation

With all the different transportation options, it may be confusing which one is best suited khổng lồ your needs. Each means of transportation has its own pros and cons. Answering the questions below will help you choose the right type of transportation for your travel from Hanoi lớn Halong Bay.

When are you traveling?

The season và weather are among the factors that you should consider in what kind of transport to choose. As Halong cất cánh is in the North of Vietnam, it enjoys all four seasons.

The weather in each season is obviously different. You can read more about the best time to travel Halong to help you make an informed decision.


What is your budget?

For many, money is an important factor to lớn consider, especially since traveling to Halong cất cánh will certainly involve additional expenses once you arrive.

With a limited budget, the local bus will likely be the best options.

For those with slightly more to lớn spend, a tourist bus or even a private car / taxi are good choices. However, the fastest, most comfortable way lớn travel, not to mention the amazing views you will encounter along the way, is still by helicopter or seaplane.

Information of taxi to travel to lớn Halong Bay

Who are you traveling with?

Who you go with will play a part in deciding which vehicle to lớn choose . The kích thước of your traveling group also has an effect on how you travel. The smaller the group is, the easier it is khổng lồ find a suitable means to travel from Hanoi lớn Halong Bay.

If you are traveling alone or with only 2 to lớn 3 other people, the group has more flexibility when it comes to transportation options.

However, bigger groups of 10 or more people won’t fit in a xe taxi or a 9-seater minivan. The more people you have traveling with you, the more you’ll also need to lớn think about everyone’s financial and physical needs.

If anyone in the group is prone to oto sickness, it might not be advisable to lớn travel by local bus, tourist bus or taxi.

Traveling by motorbike requires everyone lớn be able to drive or at least be comfortable sitting behind the driver over long distances. There is also the higher risk of road accidents that come with driving a motorbike.

How much luggage do you have?

Initially, the question of luggage may not seem khổng lồ be a very important one, especially if you’re only bringing a small bag with you.

Those traveling light can opt for the seaplane or other chartered flight as they come with the strictest of weight restrictions.

However, when you have 2 or more big bags, your luggage will become an inconvenience when it comes khổng lồ traveling by motorbike, coach or tourist bus.

For those with a lot of luggage, a private car or taxi is likely the best option.

Information of private oto to travel from Hanoi to lớn Halong BayWhich tour of Halong Bay are you taking?

Which tour và activities you choose to vị in Halong bay may also affect your decision on how to travel from Hanoi lớn Halong cất cánh (Source: Emeraude Cruises)

Most travelers leave Hanoi early enough to lớn take a Halong cất cánh cruise just before noon. If that is what you are planning, it would be inadvisable to lớn travel by motorbike or train because of the inherent delays as well as the need to transfer to lớn the marina.

Traveling by tourist or shuttle bus or by seaplane are your best options as you are dropped off right at the marina.

The shuttle buses and seaplane service also cooperate closely with all of the đứng top cruises, resulting in a seamless drop-off or transfer service to where your boat is docked.

Booking your Hanoi lớn Halong bay road transport together with your Halong bay cruise can also save money on the entire package.

Find more detailed information of tours in Halong lớn help you make the best decision.

Make the most of your trip!


You deserve great views like this of Halong bay (Source: Shutterstock.com)

There are many factors contributing khổng lồ the success of a trip, and transportation is one of them. With so many types of transport available, it has never been easier lớn travel from Hanoi lớn Halong Bay.

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However, careful consideration of which type of transportation to take can go far in helping you make the most of your Halong cất cánh holiday.

So think carefully about your choice of transport. And no matter what you choose, you deserve incredible views of one of the most beautiful places on Earth!