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Since its room refurbishment, The Hanoi Club is a solid choice if you like a big khách sạn feel, want somewhere to lớn relax when you’re not stomping the streets of Hanoi or have kids to entertain.

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One of its selling points (and it’s better on a sunny day).

The Hanoi Club is a well located khách sạn and members’ club, overlooking West Lake while being close lớn lively Yen Phu Street và Tran Quoc pagoda, and within strolling distance of the bars & restaurants along Xuan Dieu Street.

While lacking somewhat in character, its 80-plus rooms are smart & functional, and features like carpeted floors & window seats are touches of comfort. Bathrooms come with a tub, a full length window looking into the bedroom and the most feminine cảm ứng in the room: a heart shaped mirror.


We’re not convinced by the glass bathroom wall trend.

Superior and deluxe rooms are identical but for the view, which is over either city or lake respectively, but you’ll pay more for the lake view. Don’t expect sweeping Hanoi landscapes though, as đô thị really means the street below & many lake views are obstructed.

As well as the rooms, The Hanoi Club also offers 51 serviced apartments, from studios lớn three-bedroom affairs, available for short & long-term rent. All come with a kitchenette, including refrigerator & washing machine, và are perfect for longer stays or for families wanting more than adjoining rooms.



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But this khách sạn isn’t just about the accommodation. It has a decent sized pool area which, while not as luxurious as the pools at the five-star establishments in Hanoi, is well located next to the lake và big enough for some decent laps. It also has a small outdoor children’s playground and an indoor kids’ zone for younger children, which is supervised by trained staff.


We had to lớn make vị with a photo of the outside of the kids’ club.

Adults’ recreational needs are also catered for: it’s one of the only hotels in Hanoi with tennis & squash courts và also boasts a gym, steam, sauna và jacuzzi. To đứng đầu it off, the golf driving range is the perfect spot in which khổng lồ get away from it all và whack some balls into the lake. Don’t worry if you forgot your clubs — or racket — the Pro siêu thị in the hotel will kit you out.


Again… the driving range looks better on a sunny day.

Dining options aren’t inspiring, but snacks, a la carte and búp phê options are available and thanks khổng lồ its central location, cheaper, or finer, dining options are in good supply not too far away. A búp phê breakfast is included.

Rates start at around US$80, which, if you’re not going khổng lồ take advantage of the facilities, is slightly higher than you’d pay for a similar room in Old Quarter, but if you want somewhere you can spend some down time, or you have kids to lớn entertain, it’s a fair price to lớn pay.

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Contact details for The Hanoi Clubthehanoiclub.comWeb: http://thehanoiclub.com/Coordinates (for GPS): 105º50"15.5" E, 21º3"7.71" NSee position in táo apple or Google Maps: táo bị cắn Maps | Google MapsRoom rates: US$50 to 100

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