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Tour phượt Ba Bể Thác bạn dạng Giốc 3 ngày 2 đêmGiá: 2.200.000 VNĐKhởi hành: T6 hàng tuầnThời gian: 3 Ngày 2 ĐêmPhương tiện: Ô tôLịch trình: thủ đô hà nội - Cao bằng - Bắc Cạn - Thái Nguyên - Hà Nội


Pac Bo – Ban Gioc warterfall – Tiger cave – Babe lake – Duom Temple

Duration: 3 days 2 nights | Transport: Shuttle bus | Departure: every Friday


DAY 1: HANOI – CAO BANG – PAC BO ( – / L / D )

06.00-06.30: Pick up at the khách sạn in Hanoi Old Quater area. Beginning of the excursion with Cao Bang. Have breakfast on the way (paid by youself).

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12h00: Have lunch in the restaurant. After lunch, get on car & go lớn Cao Bang & take somes photo with Wind Pass, Khau Khang Pass, Cao Bac Pass và Tai Ho Sin Pass.

15h30: Enter Pac Bo historic monument (50km away from Cao Bang). Have a view at the place where Ho chi Minh lived và led Vietnam’s revolution from 1941 lớn 1945. We will have time khổng lồ take pictures at Lenin Stream, Karl Marx Moutain and visit Coc Bo Cave.

18.30: Arrive Cao Bang, kiểm tra in hotel, take a rest và then have dinner. After dinner, you are freely to vị anything. Overnight at the hotel in Cao Bang city.


06.30: kiểm tra out hotel, have breakfast & get into our car, off to Trung Khanh. Have chance lớn see the wild and imposing beauty of Ma Phuc Pass.

09.00: Continue with visiting Tiger Cave, one of the greatest caves in northern Vietnam.

10.00: Visit BanGioc Waterfall, with 53m height, dividing into 3 levels. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Vietnam & it also is the forth biggest waterfall in vị trí cao nhất 10 greatest waterfalls lying between 2 countries in the world.

12h00: Have lunch. After lunch, visit Phuc Sen Knife Village, which is famous for making knife tradition. Continue going to ba Be. Have chance to see the wild & imposing beauty of Tai Ho Sin Pass, Cao Bac Pass, Khau Khang Pass và especially Wind Pass.

18.00: Arrival Pac Ngoi village, kiểm tra in Homestay & relaxing. Enjoy a cup of coffee (self-paid) at the over of the afternoon.

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19.00: Have dinner. After dinner, tourists can participate in some activities, such as: performing art activity, campfire activity or listening lớn Then music (self-paid).

DAY 3: BABE LAKE – bầu NGUYEN – HANOI  ( – / L / D )

“Suddenly waking up in the middle of the air lượt thích breathing stops. Somewhere just echoing the sound of insects. I gently walked out of the bedroom and walked to the balcony. Stunned by the rustic and mysterious beauty of Ho tía Be with fogs spread all over the lake, on the trees & covered the paths… Making myself a hot cup of coffee, I took a sip và felt the breath of heaven and earth”.

07h00: Breakfast at the stilt house. After breakfast, you pack your luggage khổng lồ the car, then walk along the small road by the lake leading lớn Pac Ngoi boat station. Sitting on a small boat, you are relaxing lớn admire the lake while looking for yourself the perfect shooting angle. On the Lake, boats will stop at the following points:

✓ Farry Pond is located at the corner of the third lake of cha Be Lake, a small lake located in the middle of a mountain high above the lake. It is said that in the past, the fairies used khổng lồ play chess here.

✓ An Mạ Temple: According to lớn legend, in Le-Mac war, Mac generals lost the fight. They ran to lớn Puong Cave & ended their lives there to protect their loyalty and pride. Lớn eulogize Mac generals’ spirit, people built a temple khổng lồ worship Mac family. Worried that Le soldiers would destroy this temple, they changed its name lớn An Ma. The word “An Ma” means “peaceful & beautiful grave” in Tay people’s language.

✓ Widow Islet – a lovely small island located right in the center of the lake, associated with the formation of the lake. Boat go around the island slowly for you khổng lồ take pictures.

12h00: Lunch at the restaurant. After lunch continue khổng lồ drive to Hanoi. On the way, visit the Duom temple, the famous temple in Phu Luong, bầu Nguyen.

18.30: Arrive Hanoi. Tour ends. See you again!


Type of Hotel 1 night at Communal Dorm+ 1 night 2** hotel1 night at Communal Dorm+ 1 night 3*** hotel2 nights at 2** hotel2 nights at 3*** hotel
Price 2.250.000đ2.500.000đ2.600.000đ 2.700.000đ
Single Supplement 250.000đ350.000đ500.000đ 700.000đ`
Stilt house private room100.000đ100.000đN/AN/A

♦ Inclusions:– AC transportation by 7 khổng lồ 45-seat car– 01 night at accommodation hotel, 02 persons in a room. In case there are an odd number of tourists, there will be a room having 3 persons if accepted. If not, an additional fee of 1/2 price of a hotel room will be charged– 01 night at homestay in Pac Ngoi village– Meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches & 2 dinners)– Visiting boat on ba Be Lake– English speaking tour guide– 01 bottle of water is served everyday during the time traveling by car

♦ Exclusions– VAT invoice, travel insurance– Electric car in Pac Bo, bamboo boat in Ban Gioc Waterfall– Additional fee if there is any change in ticket prices– Beverages for meals và other personal expense– Tip for driver and tour guide, at least $5/person/01 day

♦ Price Policy for Children– không lấy phí for children with ages from 1 khổng lồ 4 (their parents must pay for all their other expense và 1 khổng lồ 3 year-old children bởi not have their own seats in the car). Incase one person take one child from 1-3 years old. The child will be charged một nửa adults’ price (the child will be have meals và seat).

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– From 5 khổng lồ 9 year-old children will be charged 75% of the tour fee (they will have their own seats in our car & their own meals, but they have to shar the khách sạn room with their parents)– From 10-year-old children are considered as adults

♦ Additional Fees Single hotel room rental (if required or you go alone)– Foreigner will be charged 5$ for the permission from border police

♦ Notice– You have to lớn bring your Passport– You should bring any type of medicine for preventing insects và common diseases– Bring your private toothbrush, toothpaste and towel (if necessary)– Tour guide can rearrange the schedule, but all places stay the same– If under 6 tourists, driver can also be tour guide– If you are a vegetarian, you can bring your own food to lớn suit your taste (if necessary)– vị not bring a too big suitcase with you

♦ Customer responsibilities:– Customers are responsible by yourseves for your illness & chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis …), congenital diseases, latent diseases, HIV AIDS, mental and neurological disorders , pregnant women … are diseases that are not covered by the insurance. When necessary, you must write your own commitment to lớn your health when participating in the tour. The tour organizer is not responsible for the cases you bởi vì not report the illness, untruthful declaration as well as cases outside the coverage of travel in the tour.– Customers must preserve their property in all circumstances và at all locations during the trip. The tour organizer is not responsible for any lost money, identification, airline tickets, personal belongings & other property of the customer during the trip.