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On May 8th, the opening ceremony of Vesak Vietphái nam 2014 was officially held with the theme of “Buddhism contributes khổng lồ the millennium goals of UN” at Bai Dinch Pagoda, Ninch Binh Province.

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This is the second time the UN Vesak lớn be held in Vietphái mạnh. Earlier, in May 2008, Vietphái nam was honored lớn host the fifth Vesak successfully which left a deep impression on international friends about the country, people and religious life in Vietnam. In the framework of Vesak Vietnam năm trước, delegates and Buddhists will participate in several activities including the ritual praying for the world’s peace, social charity programs, và memorials commemorating great ancestors. Symposiums will be held to lớn release a general statement of Vesak 2014 which focuses on 8 millennium goals, namely, environmental protection, sustainable poverty reduction, health care of women và children, education universalizing, và global corporation.

Earlier on May 7th, at Bai Dinh Pagodomain authority, a scientific conference with the theme of “Buddhism contributes khổng lồ the millennium goals of UN” was organized. Mr. Thich Thien Nhon, Deputy Chairman & General Security of Vietphái mạnh Sangha of Buddhism, & Mr. Thich Tkhô nóng Nhieu, Vice Chairman of Vietphái mạnh Sangha of Buddhism attended the conference. The conference consists of six forums in English và one diễn đàn in Vietnamese. The Vietnamese one concentrated on researching sụbjects like Buddhism with sustainable development và social changes, Buddhism with ethical culture, Buddhism with peace, Buddhism with education và Buddhism with environmental behavior và protection.

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On the morning of May 7th, organizers held an English conference named ECAI for scholars, và researchers around the world lớn discuss new strategies of Buddhism culture & techniques worldwide. The conference has attracted the attention of a large number of domestic và international scholars.

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On the afternoon of May 7th, Vietphái mạnh Sangha of Buddhism celebrated a parade khổng lồ welcome the United Nations Day of Vesak 2014. Flower cars carried the banner & pictures of Buddha from Ninh Binch Thể Thao Stadium through main roads lớn Bai Dinc Pagodomain authority.




The United Nations Day of Vesak năm trước is an important external event which contributes to lớn improve the role of Vietnamese Buddhism in international integration, simultaneously, confirms the position và responsibility of Vietphái mạnh khổng lồ the United Nations. Vesak 2014 is also a good opportunity to lớn promote the image of Vietphái mạnh tourism in general and Ninh Binc tourism in particular khổng lồ tourists all around the world, develop spiritual tourism, and encourage UNESCO to recognize Trang An Ccenic Landscape Complex as a World Heritage Site.