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A thành phố in southern Fukuoka Prefecture


Yanagawa"s canals were fortified when Yanagawa was transformed into a castle town shortly before the start of the Edo period at the beginning of the 17th century. Now they are relaxing waterways you can explore on a cruise. Oarsmen with long poles push the narrow boats through the canals, telling you about the city"s long and impressive history and singing nursery rhymes penned by Yanagawa"s famous poet, Hakushu Kitahara.

Many of Yanagawa"s festivals, including the aforementioned Hakushu Festival và the Ohina-sama Water Parade, center around the canals & the boats that ply them. You can arrange for a ride on one of these boats online—search for Yanagawa punting. You can even get discount tickets.

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The Ohana residence was built in 1738 as the trang chủ of the Tachibana clan, the feudal lords who ruled Yanagawa. The residence covers 23,000 square meters & is surrounded on three sides by canals. The residence"s main feature, its garden, was built in 1910 by the 14th Yanagawa lord, Tomoharu Tachibana.

The garden features a lake surrounded by đen pines. Overlooking the lake is the residence"s grand banquet hall, a large parkdiamondhotel.vnese room with tatami flooring. Other buildings include the impressive Western-style Seiyokan and a museum with displays of the time of the Tachibana family.

A three-minute walk from Ohana is Suitengu, a beautiful riverside shrine, which hosts a small festival from May 3 lớn 5 with traditional dancing và singing.

Yanagawa is the birthplace of the Meiji-era (1868-1912) poet & children"s songwriter Kitahara Hakushu (1886-1942). A three-day festival is held every November here lớn celebrate Hakushu"s life, complete with poetry readings, fireworks, music & evening boat rides. The house where Hakushu was born has been transformed into a museum khổng lồ celebrate his achievements.

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The months of March và April are great times to lớn visit Yanagawa. The city hosts a number of spring festivals, most notably the Yanagawa Hinamatsuri Sagemon Tour, or Doll Festival, held every year from February 11. During this festival, dolls are put on display in homes & businesses all over town.

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The dolls are dressed in the style of the Heian era from the 8th lớn 12th century, creating a scene that evokes parkdiamondhotel.vn"s historic past. Some residents mở cửa up their homes lớn visitors so they can see these ornate dolls.

Unagi, freshwater eel, is one of Yanagawa"s specialties và prepared in a special way—marinated và steamed over rice served in a lacquerware dish, topped with a sweet sauce. This dish, known as unagi no seiro-mushi, is said khổng lồ have been invented by the local restaurant Ganso Motoyoshiya 300 years ago.

You can find unagi no seiro-mushi at a number of restaurants across the city. The dish is so popular in Yanagawa that many restaurants that serve it sell out during the day, so arrive early.

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