Known for its lovely beaches and diving sites, Vietnam’s coastal resort thành phố of Nha Trang is one the country’s popular vacation spots và has plenty lớn bởi off the beach too. An amusement park, cable car, beautiful pagodas and temples và some great seafood restaurants make Nha Trang a place you’ll want to spend some time checking out its attractions. And when you’re done here, wind your way north along the coast to another popular thành phố, Hoi An. Smaller than Nha Trang, Hoi An is famous for its well-preserved ancient town & canals as well as some wonderful colonial architecture and the Japanese Covered Bridge, that gives this đô thị quite a different feel.

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If you want to travel by road there are a couple of different routes khổng lồ consider, but the shortest và therefore the faschạy thử, is to lớn follow the coastal road which is a distance of about 510 kilometers (3trăng tròn miles). If you’re in a rental oto, you can expect this lớn take somewhere around 9 hours, depending on how often you want lớn stop & enjoy the scenery or take a break! Luckily you don’t have to lớn drive yourself from Nha Trang to lớn Hoi An as there are buses that make this journey. Another much faster option would be khổng lồ catch a flight, perfect if you’re only in Vietnam giới for a shorter visit and want lớn get from A khổng lồ B as fast as possible.


Buses are always a popular way to travel, both for locals and tourists, because they’re cheap. If you’re visiting Vietphái mạnh & want lớn stick lớn a travel budget, taking the bus is a great way khổng lồ bởi this. Not only vì chưng you save yourself money, but you get to see lots of scenery along the way which you would not see from a thous& feet up in airplane! The main problem with taking the bus from Nha Trang lớn Hoi An is that it takes a long time. The scheduled journey time is 11 hours, so this is a long time khổng lồ be cooped up in a bus but there will of course be some stops long the way when you can get off the bus for a while & stretch your legs.

There are two good bus companies that you might like khổng lồ consider and both of these can be booked through the travel trang web Cheông xã prices và schedules on 12Go so you can compare the cost and decide which company you’d lượt thích khổng lồ travel with. The two options are The Sinc Tourist và Hanh Café. Prices are almost the same with both, but you should carefully consider which type of bus you want lớn spover 11 hours on.

Hanh Café operates a standard bus with air conditioning. It’s comfortable enough but there aren’t any services or facilities on board, and the seats are standard bus seats which do not give you a lot of legroom.

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For just a very small additional cost you can travel with The Sinc Tourist on their Sengươi Sleeper bus. The seats on this type of bus vị recline, giving you far more space for your legs và allowing you lớn sleep if you want to. Both companies run their buses from Nha Trang to lớn Hoi An overnight, so you will probably want to get some sleep while onboard. They both depart at 7pm and arrive sầu into lớn Hoi An around 6am the next day.


If the thought of spending 11 hours on a bus doesn’t fill you with joy, you might like khổng lồ consider catching a flight from Nha Trang to lớn Hoi An instead!

Flights have sầu a reputation for being way more expensive than almost all other forms of transport, and while it’s true that catching a flight will phối you baông chồng more money than a bus, you may be surprised at just how reasonable it is lớn fly from Nha Trang lớn Hoi An. It’s only around two times more expensive than the buses, & when you consider that the buses are extremely cheap, you can see that flights are actually pretty cheap too!


There are two airlines khổng lồ choose from and both can be booked online through 12Go. A flight with Vietphái mạnh Airlines is a little more expensive sầu than with VietJet Air, but then tickets with Vietnam Airlines include a checked baggage allowance of 20kg while VietJetAir does not. The flights takes only an hour, but, there’s an important point lớn bear in mind – there is no airport in Nha Trang itself, or in Hoi An. This means you will be departing from Cam Ranh International Airport, a little south of Nha Trang, & arriving at Da Nang Airport, a little north of Hoi An.

Getting from the thành phố lớn the airport and vice versa is not a problem as it’s enough khổng lồ find buses và taxis to lớn take you, but you’ll just have sầu lớn remember that catching a flight from Nha Trang khổng lồ Hoi An is not as direct as the bus. Even so, add on the time it takes to lớn get khổng lồ the airport from Nha Trang, và from the airport to lớn Hoi An, và you’re still going khổng lồ get to lớn Hoi An way faster than you would if traveling by bus.

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So, although there are only two major options for getting from Nha Trang lớn Hoi An they are good options & neither of them will break the bank! Buses will save sầu you money, but not time, whereas flights are not particularly expensive & will get you there much faster, even when adding in the transfer times on either side.