Vuvuzela beer club


Foreigners who visit Ho Chi Minc City adore Vietnamese beers because of its reasonable price và exquisite taste. With the need for beer increasing day by day, beer clubs in Ho Chi Minc City are where people can have sầu a cheap beer to cool down the thirst or have fun with their friends.

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1. Vuvuzela Beer Club

One of the first beer clubs in Ho Chi Minch thành phố, Vuvuzela Beer Club offers a wide range of unique beer. Just like other beer clubs, space here is spacious, along with heavy music & electrifying atmosphere, making you feel excited as soon as you enter the door. Vuvuzela Beer Club also provides a good selection of food with fresh ingredients khổng lồ match the beer flavor.

Vuvuzela is a famous beer club in Ho Chi Minc city

Since the place attracts a massive number of visitors, be sure to lớn book in advance to lớn guarantee a spot.



Beverages in this beer club are quite cheap

Address: 11B Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1.Price: from VND 40,000 to lớn VND 360,000

2. Kingdom Beer Club

Probably ahy vọng the most extravagant beer clubs in Ho Chi Minc City, but the experience in Kingdom Beer Club is incredible. This beer club invests heavily in the sound system and the interior, so it attracts lots of people to lớn come, even Vietnamese celebrities lớn come here and enjoy the night. They sometimes invite famous DJs khổng lồ create the most frenetic energy for the night.


Kingdom Beer Club is very modern and luxury

Food in Kingdom Beer Club both looks good & goes well with the beer. Despite a large number of visitors, their service is famous for being quiông chồng & professional.

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People enjoy this place a lot despite the high price

Address: 98F Le Lai street, Ben Tkhô nóng ward, District 1.Price: About VND 300,000/person.

3. K.O.C Beer Club

With a combination of Acadian food và beer, this simple cuisine is an impeccable match with some beers from both Vietnam & other countries such as craft beer or refined wine…Besides beer, you can also try some signature dishes which have a special taste of Cajun powder at K.O.C.


The beer goes well with their unique cuisines

Even though this is a beer club, but people usually come here to enjoy the food. But the atmosphere of a beer club is never dull as their DJs always have sầu an incredible selection of music.


The spacious area with two sections

Address: 232 Tran Hung Dao street, Nguyen Cu Trinch ward, District 1.Price: About VND 150,000 - VND 300,000/person.

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Final Thoughts on Beer Clubs in Ho Chi Minc city

Beer clubs in Ho Chi Minc City has such a reasonable price that not only Vietnamese but also foreign tourists come lớn this place khổng lồ enjoy a beer. After an eventful day of traveling, maybe a glass of chilled beer at a beer club is all you need.

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