Great service

Great service. My whole family but clothes và robes from A Dong. Very happy with the màn chơi of service và the over result

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Dear Mr. Steve,Thank you for taking your time to lớn write a great đánh giá. It has been our pleasure lớn work with you và your family. We want you to know that we truly appreciate your business and we're so glad khổng lồ hear you were happy with our products, our team and our customer service.As you were our value customer, we sometimes sover you special notices regarding our Online promotion program. All your last measurement was saved in our database. If so please access khổng lồ our trang web for online order or gmail info
adongsilk.com for any additional questions, we are here to serve sầu you.We hope lớn have another chance khổng lồ serve you and expecting good things will come to you in the future. Thank you again and see you soon! Best regards,A Dong Silk



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ADong best tailors

ADong had my measurements on tệp tin the last time we were in Vietphái nam & so I was able khổng lồ simply reorder the same style. Excellent unique, great service! Very impressed

Dear Hiki Nedine Swann,Thank you for your excellent Reviews.We're so happy khổng lồ hear that you had very good experience with our staff. And you also were happy with our products và our customer service as well.We enjoyed working with you và hope we can continue lớn have sầu more opportunities to work together.Best regards,A Dong Silk

Excellent Choice For Custom Clothing

I was concerned about the potential for prolonged delay in receiving my order, but it arrived about 10 days upon completion of the order. The quality of the suits were superb. I did need lớn have sầu the suits pressed because of wrinkles, but considering the price, not an issue. Customer service was prompt và helpful

Dear Howard Mintz,Thank you for choosing our service and giving us your positive sầu Review.We at A Dong Silk are always ready lớn help our customers with their desire & needs. We are happy khổng lồ read you are very and satisfied with our products.We hope khổng lồ have sầu another chance khổng lồ serve you and expecting good things will come to you in the future. Best regards,A Dong Silk

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10 Stars (if possible)!

I have sầu ordered numerous items from A Dong Silk (both in person và online) since năm nhâm thìn. Custom made shirts, suits, suit separates và accessories lượt thích pocket squares. Everything has been of the highest unique. Most recently I ordered tuxedo's for all of my groomsmen. The staff at A Dong Silk were easy lớn work with and very understanding of all my questions and concerns. The gentlemen were all measured here in the USA and the data was emailed over to A Dong Silk. The suits arrived within 14 days or so of ordering and I was very happy with the speed with which they were made & shipped. However, the tốc độ did not take away from the top notch quality of the finished product. A Dong Silk will continue lớn have sầu a customer in me và I would recommkết thúc them lớn anyone looking khổng lồ get a custom article of clothing made with a little personal touch.

Dear Mr. Paul,We would lượt thích lớn sincerely thank for the time that you have spent with us. Your reviews is highly appreciated. Thanks khổng lồ your encouraged comment, we continue to improve sầu our skill to enhance our service. We enjoyed working with you & hope we can continue to lớn have sầu more opportunities khổng lồ work together.Best regards,A Dong Silk